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Her name was Hollywoods Charade, I called her Ruby, my presious gem.

The most delightful, loving wonderful dog I have ever known.  Smart, sweet, beautiful and she smiled when she saw you!

I loved her as if she was my daughter, and still do, even though she has been gone for 8 years.  Ruby had Wobbler's Syndrome and lived to be 11 years old.  But I wouldn't trade the memories of this angel for anything.

There's nothing like a Doberman! 

This Month's story

Life with a Doberman

By Beth Fox

In 1993, I decided I wanted a dog.  I had a dog as a kid growing up, a sweet, wonderful cocker spaniel.  Then, when I was in college, I adopted an Engllish Springer Spaniel from the Humane Society.  But now I wanted a different type of dog.  And I was thinking of two very different, maybe, breeds.

I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books about dogs and sat down with a cup of coffee and read and read and read.  I wanted to make sure the breed I chose was going to be just right for me.

I settled on two: Standard Poodle and Doberman Pinscher.  

oth, elegant, stately, loving, wonderful dogs.  Actually very similar in temperment and activity levels.  But what was the deciding factor was the grooming.  I worked a very busy job with erratic hours and I did not want to have to take my dog to be professionally groomed every 6 or 8 weeks.  Doberman it was!